How We Give Back

Giving Back to Our Community and Country

NationalGunTrader believes in giving back to our local communities and to responsible and sustainable business practices. We do this through contributions to deserving organizations, donations to charities, and by participating in local charitable events. We care about the people in our community, our country, and our planet as a whole. As proud Americans, and as responsible corporate citizens, we feel it’s our responsibility share some our success to help improve the lives of less-fortunate Americans.

Promoting Firearms Awareness, Safety, and Fun!

As a proud member of the firearms industry, NationalGunTrader is always looking for ways to educate the community on the dangers of misusing firearms and other weapons. We are committed to creating a safe environment for guns to be enjoyed correctly. Please contact us if you are looking for sponsorship for an event that encourages more participation in the responsible firearms culture or attempts to raise awareness.

Featured Charitable Organization - Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

We’re also proud to say that for every purchase you make on, a portion of each sale goes towards the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

Founded by Taya Kyle, wife of Navy SEAL and American Sniper author--Chris Kyle-- and her dedicated team on Veteran’s Day 2014, the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation aims to enrich the lives of our nation’s bravest through their unique programs that build their supportive network from the ground up; focusing on the marriages and family bonds to ensure they have help and understanding from those closest to them. No stranger to the struggles veterans and first responders face when they return from duty, Taya ensures that Chris’ legacy lives on by helping those who put their life and mental health on the line for this great country.

NationalGunTrader supports the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and its initiative of helping and supporting our country's heroes. To learn more about the Foundation visit

Bill Voss, CEO

Attorney Bill Voss is a 9th generation Texan, a 2nd Amendment supporter, and a firearms enthusiast. For too long an obvious hole in the firearms sales industry existed: there was no good way to buy and sell firearms online. In 2012, Voss launched a person to person listing site for firearms and related gear, This was a simple venue for US citizens to legally exercise their right to buy and sell all things firearms related. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the site has grown considerably since launch.

Now, has become the world's only multi-merchant online firearms site. State of the art technology acts much like Amazon in aligning customers throughout the country with multiple merchants on a single platform.

Voss says is the biggest thing to hit the firearms industry since the musket. He further states will soon become the only place on the Internet to buy and sell all things firearms related. Merchant driven communities are the future of the eCommerce world and brick and mortar operations will go the way of the dinosaur in the next ten years.