Ammunition Restrictions

National Gun Trader offers products for purchase that may be restricted in certain areas by Federal, State, and/or Local law. NationalGunTrader is an authorized dealer of all the products it sells, but we cannot grant the right or authority to customers to purchase items which may be regulated by such laws. Products in the restricted areas will not be shipped.  NationalGunTrader does not sell or ship products outside the United States

Ammunition Restrictions

Firearms Restriction

You must be 18 or older to purchase long guns and 21 or older to purchase handguns. Check your local & state laws.

California Handguns must be on Approved List. Assault weapons must be CA Approved.
Connecticut No Semi-Auto Rifles
Maryland Firearms sales only to Class 01 FFL Dealer. Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons
Massachusetts No Handguns, Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons
New Jersey Firearms sales only to Class 01 FFL Dealer. Varying restrictions on Assault Weapons
New York No Assault Weapons, No Handguns (NYC)
Washington D.C. No Firearms

Click here for a list of some California Approved firearms:
NOTE: Ammunition and Firearms must be purchased separately, in two separate orders.

Air Gun Restrictions

Restrictions on High Capacity Magazines

Stun Guns Restrictions

California: Stun guns and Tasers are not permitted on the property of any state university or school.
Florida: A non-lethal stun gun or dart-firing stun gun or other non-lethal electric weapon or device that is designed solely for defense purposes.
Georgia: Illegal to carry within or around any public or private school.
Illinois: Legal with conditions. (Illegal in Chicago).
Indiana: Handgun provisions applies to an electronic stun weapon or taser.
Kansas: Not allowed in schools.
Mississippi: Must be licensed to carry stun gun.
North Carolina: Not allowed to carry in or around schools.
North Dakota: Not allowed in areas that serve alcohol.

States where stun devices are illegal:
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island

Cities where stun devices are illegal:
Annapolis, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore County, Maryland
Chicago, Illinois
District of Columbia
New York City, New York
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bellingham, Washington